Publications & Projects

We produce niche print and digital publications (B>B or B>C), brand materials, exhibition catalogs, and downloadable publications.

  • Branding, writing, and design, in concert with your marketing and growth plan.
  • Ghost writing for popular and industry-specific journals.
  • Pitching to industry-specific publications.
  • Establishing and managing newsstand sales or online sales, as appropriate.

Community & Platform Building

Every project we take on is couched in promotions and a plan for community growth. We build a platform and community around your business. Your core communities will become the through line for building the business and increasing sales (and customer or client loyalty).

  • Create and market downloadable marketing collateral.
  • Run customized Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Build community through online communications.
  • Grow constituent group commitment by helping resolve partners’ aches and pains.
  • Find new avenues for business growth, specifically introducing innovative partnerships.