Social Media & Marketing

Are you ready to get involved in the conversations that your customers are  already having and make an impact on your company?

We can be your partner. These are ways we can support and grow your social media presence:

  • Create targeted content and consistently update your blog.
  • Develop a strong Facebook community to grow the community surrounding your brand.
  • Optimize LinkedIn presence and activities.
  • Create and distribute an eNewsletter to spread your happenings, news, and most importantly, deliver relevant content to your target audience.  Put your current subscriber and company contacts list to use!
  • Write and distribute effective press releases to share news about your company and build solid search engine rankings for your website.

“With the help of M. Young & Associates, our website visits in April 2013 have increased 24% over the same month last year. Our generated leads (through online downloads) also have doubled compared to the same period last year.”

~Sherm Updegraff
Managing Director, Employee Development Systems, Inc.



Press Releases