social media made easy and practicalAre you feeling the pressure of social media tasks that you know you should do, but can’t find the time for? Just give it 14 minutes.

Here are some things that can be accomplished in 14 minutes:

  • Microwave a Hot Pocket Pepperoni Special and devour it.
  • Change out of your suit (or other work clothes), mix a drink, and sit down to watch the evening news.
  • Find a parking space in downtown Boston (or New York City, or Columbus, or ?).
  • Check and update your social media accounts, foster a community of warm leads,  and show the world that you (or your organization) is an expert in your industry.

If you want to foster and support a social media presence in multiple platforms, you will find that some of them work better with your industry and target audience than others. You can keep them all going and growing, but here is my pitch for you:

Here comes the pitch . . . 

Pick the top three tools that will connect best with your target market and use them consistently.

For most of you, this is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and perhaps Pinterest or Google Plus. Once your accounts have been set up and you schedule a set of daily  or weekly tasks, give them the same importance as you would for potential client meetings, because guess what? That’s what they are! Each time you engage your community, you have likely touched one of your possible future clients or customers.






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