Marcia Young

I bring over 20 years of experience in building businesses, developing niche publications, managing projects, and writing/publishing for targeted audiences. You can find my full resume and testimonials on my LinkedIn profile.

My recent projects include developing an already established niche magazine into a membership organization and fostering a new niche community that will ultimately develop a revenue stream through partnerships and advertisers.

In recent years I have spoken at conferences and served on panels, including various museum-related conferences and a panel focused on small business at the Center for Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I also serve on the board of an international art organization, specifically supporting the areas of finance and marketing, and am on the acquisitions committee for the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts.

My career began in a consulting firm where I worked with a major auto company to prepare materials for corporate training programs (circa 500 AD).  That experience led to opportunities in Japan, including a position with Johnson Wax and the educational publisher, Obunsha Company.

After years of speech writing, editing, ambassador interviews (for audio textbooks), test item development (for computer adaptive testing) and various other projects, I returned to the US and joined American Guidance Service, Inc. (a subsidiary of Pearson) as a project manager in software development. Working as as program manager with Evaluation Systems, (another subsidiary of Pearson) and director for HRD Press, I was able to learn the “ins and outs” of eNewsletters, eMarketing, targeted blog writing and social media management.

After leaving HRD Press I started M. Young & Associates, Inc., a vehicle for client work. That developed into my current company, Young Media Group, Inc. We have had several long-term clients and have provided a wide range of services for them. This has included relaunching a previously defunct magazine;  regularly supplying production services for other publications, including a quarterly professional journal; and managing staff and growing sales revenue for a membership organization. Please feel free to browse my LinkedIn profile for more details.

I have a team of eight people, each experts in their field, who support Young Media Group. I build “pods” of teams to serve various projects, depending on what is most appropriate. I take some projects on myself, and even in those cases, my clients have the benefit of the hive, without extra cost. If you are interested in any of the resources or ideas you find here, let’s connect by phone, text, or email ( |413-222-0720).