Next Steps

You have likely come here because you are trying to grow your business in new ways. Consider how you could strengthen the connection between your business and its various communities. Let’s figure out what kinds of development will support your company’s growth.

What is the attractor of your business, from the obvious end-user to any other potential partners (and income streams)? Stretch your thinking beyond just your product or product line. What is the core reason that anyone interacts with your brand? Let’s uncover the qualities that make your business unique and base our activities on those core qualities. There are many possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • local knowledge/community
  • niche knowledge and resources
  • family or organization back story and reputation
  • unique voice, viewpoint, or personality
  • dependence on information or a particular product
  • connection with others or ability to tell friends that they are connected (or recognized in some way) by your organization
  • feeling of  belonging
  • a cadre of benefits and products for one price that make the purchase a “no-brainer”

This list will give us a good place to start our conversation about how YMG can work with you to grow your business.

  1. What are your main revenue streams? Which ones need to be increased or bolstered up?
  2. What do you see as your main roadblocks to growth?
  3. What has been tried before?
  4. What is the competitive landscape -both direct and related industries? Have any of your competitors left the market? In your opinion, why did they fail and have they left any gaps in the market?
  5. How many engagement hooks do you currently offer for each of your revenue streams? This is not just social media posts!
  6. Are you currently building (and leveraging) your email marketing lists? What other marketing plans do you depend on? This includes everything from social media channels, invitations on your website, e-newsletters, list building, bundle pricing strategies, strategic partnerships, and more.

If you are ready to talk further, let’s connect. If our team can’t help you accomplish your goals, I’ll do all I can to connect you with the resources you need!

Marcia Young,